Multi-Enzyme Complex™

Features a full spectrum of digestive enzymes with a broad pH range to promote healthy digestion and absorption of nutrients.*

  • Promotes absorption of nutrients*
  • Helps break down complex carbohydrates*
  • Values & Benefits

    Plant-Based Enzymes

    Multi-Enzyme Complex is a proprietary enzyme formula that utilizes a full spectrum of specialized plant-based enzymes to help your body break down and absorb hard-to-digest foods. Protogenix™ increases amino acid absorption up to 80 percent, Carbogenix™ increases the amount of glycogen in muscles for them to work more efficiently, and Legugenix™ helps break down fats.*

    Increase Energy

    Carbohydrates are the primary nutrients that fuel the body’s energy production. Unfortunately, they are difficult to digest. Isagenix Multi-Enzyme Complex helps you break down complex carbohydrates to provide you with lasting energy.*

    Regulate Digestion

    More than 87 percent of people report having digestive issues. The full range of enzymes offers a solution for improved nutrient absorption, providing greater overall and digestive health.



* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

††† Transparency and accuracy are a top priority at Isagenix. We constantly strive to ensure that product information is complete, accurate, and current. However, at times, products may be unavailable or have different labels or attributes than those listed here.

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